What Architectural Services Entail
When it comes to being an architectural service contractor, there are literally hundreds of different types of architectural service companies to choose from! Some are general contractors while others specialize in just one field or many different areas. You should do your research when considering an architectural company so you don’t end up making the wrong decision. For example, there are many different types of environmental consulting companies out there that offer just bathroom consultation. Here are some of the other different types of architectural service companies you may encounter.

General Contractor: An architectural service company works with a large number of different clients throughout the year. The majority of their business is comprised of large national corporations that focus on only one specific field or location. An architectural service company may handle everything from general contracting to renovation and building maintenance. An architect will typically focus on new construction projects, whereas a rehabilitation service will focus on fixing up an old building. A general contractor may handle both residential and non-residential projects.

Project Planning and Project Implementation: Architectural service companies generally contract out project development and implementation. This means they focus on getting a new building or facility built and then oversee all the planning and materials to be used during the construction process. Architectural service companies can also work with architects on sketches and model drawings, so they know what the end result will look like once constructed. A good example of a project developer might hire a landscape architect to help them with designing the new park around the proposed site of the building. Once the model is approved and the construction begins, the landscape architect will oversee the landscaping for the new park. This is often a complex task, but successful implementation means that the new park will be beautiful and worth visiting.

Interior Design: If an architect is not on hand to oversee the construction of the facility, there are still many things that the architectural service can do. Some contractors hire interior designers to help them plan the layout and style of the facility. They will usually send their clients photos and specs of the new space they want to build. If a client wants a certain type of architecture or even a certain style, the interior designer can talk with the architect to find out what options are available. They can then negotiate for the most compatible options within the allocated budget. This is one of the few areas where an architect really can make a difference in the final price of a construction job.

Copywriting: Not all architectural services have an office onsite to write these plans. However, if one copywriter is available, it can make the project more efficient. Copywriters can rewrite plans and layouts, as well as write advertisements, press releases and letters to the borrower. If there is only one copywriter onsite, the borrower may receive a different letterhead design, or a different ad in the mail than they are used to seeing.

Architectural rehabilitation services mean more than just architects and contractors working on buildings for the commercial sector. It means working with everything from roofs to walkways to gardens. It also means working with the public in places such as parks and recreational facilities. The architect works with the client in advance of the construction of the facility so that the rehabilitation service is set up before the construction commences, which helps to cut down on costs.

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