Kosher Food Recipes – How to Make a Mean Matzo Ball Soup

The Matzo Ball Soup is the Kosher equivalent of the Holy Grail. For millennia, the Matzo Ball, or knaidel/knaidelach, has been around. Everything started when Moses led the Jews across the wilderness. While walking with some matzo in hand, a small child discovered a hot spring. He realized that merely dipping the matzo in the water wouldn’t enough, so he crushed it in his fingers and formed it into a ball.

He was able to tie it together in some way – possibly because he had a chicken with him at the time, perhaps with heavenly assistance – and when he tasted it, he discovered a delightful alternative to flat matzo. The matzo ball soup that we know and love today emerged from this technique. (Maybe). Everyone is familiar with matzo ball soup; it’s a kid-friendly kosher dinner that even Gentiles appreciate. However, there are other characteristics that separate excellent matzo ball soup from terrible. So, if you truly want to wow your visitors this Passover, or even if you just want to shake up your Sabbath routine, follow these guidelines.

1. To get a really fresh flavor, we must first prepare the poultry. Add one pound of chicken wings to a turkey neck that has been chopped into pieces. Then, in a large soup pot, cover them with water until the meat is completely buried at the bottom, with approximately two inches of water remaining on top.

2. Bring to a boil over high heat. Scrape any foam off the water’s surface.

3. Now it’s time to toss in the vegetables. 3-4 carrots, 3 zucchinis, 3 celery sticks, 2 tiny onions, 1-2 small parsley roots, an optional piece of pumpkin (which you should include since pumpkin is really nutritious for you and your family), fresh parsley, and spices to taste, along with chicken soup powder Toss them into a pot of water and bring to a boil.

4. Reduce the heat to a low heat and keep it there. Allow for two hours of cooking time for the steam to escape. Add extra water if the water level falls below the veggies.

5. You may make the holy matzo balls at this period. 4 egg whites, 4 tablespoons water, 4 tablespoons oil, tsp salt, tsp pepper, 1 cup matzo meal, optional 2 tablespoons chopped parsley Separate the egg yolks and beat them with some water in a separate bowl.

6. Combine the contents of each bowl to produce a light dough. Refrigerate for at least half an hour after covering.

7. After two hours have elapsed, strain the soup.

8. Bring the soup to a boil after straining it. Stir together the chilled matzo ball dough. Start rolling little matzo balls after getting your hands moist. When cooking matzo balls, keep in mind that they expand to nearly double their original size, so adjust your measurements appropriately. Add them to the soup and make sure they float. You don’t want any of them to sink to the bottom.

9. Cover the saucepan and continue to cook for another half hour after adding the strained vegetables.

That concludes our discussion. You’ll be able to wow any gathering, Jew or Gentile, with this dish. Because Hasidic Jews practice gebrocht kosher kashrut and do not eat matzo meal cooked in water, potato starch is an alternative.

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